380v to 220v/200v converter, also known as transformers, are used extensively for imported electrical appliances in enterprises and companies. Especially equipments from Japan, America, Korea, ….

380V TO 220V/200V CONVERTER.

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Converters from 380V to 200V or 220V three phases for imported equipment. Products Standa genuine products manufactured in Vietnam Standa Joint Stock Company. Made with 100% good conductive wire, so the loss of electricity is very low.

      Standa transformers are available in 220V / 3 phase and 200V / 3 phase. Should be used for imported machinery from the country.

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Stand-alone three-phase 100kva transformer:

380V / 3 phase
And usually two sources are:

220V / 3 phase
200V / 3 phase


Input voltage: 380V / 3 phase
Output voltage: 220V / 3 phase; 200V / 3 phase
Frequency: 49Hz – 62Hz
Operating temperature: -5 ° C – 40 ° C
Overload protection, short-circuit, three-phase Aptomat
Material: 100% copper wire
Electrical strength: Check the high voltage discharge 2000VAC / 50Hz within 1 minute
Insulation: Greater than 5MΩ at 500VDC

 Standa Viet Nam is currently the leading manufacturer of three-phase transformers in Vietnam, both automatic transformers and transformers. Our difference is that the product is manufactured with 100% pure copper wire.

Therefore, STANDA transformers are very durable, quiet, no vibration, no load low load … Product warranty up to 04 years. Standa Vietnam is a big partner providing three-phase transformers, three-phase transformers for many enterprises, especially in industrial parks and export processing zones. With high quality, reasonable price, good service … we increasingly assert our position.

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